I did lots of research prior to purchasing the City Hemp Rx CBD tincture I am using. I have been able to eliminate many of my skincare products (I’m 61). My skin is extra hydrated. I tested it for about 2 months eliminating all skincare I was using to see if I’d see an improvement in my skin. One of my best friends purchased it along with me.  Her skin is now able use fluid foundations which she was not able to wear in the past.  


October 14, 2020

I think City Hemp Rx’s products are great. What I don’t like is brands using the CBD to sell products. It’ll have a bunch a crap in it and the a couple drops of “CBD” and people will jump on it. Not all CBD is the same. Love City Hemp Rx’s products. I had great success with their products


September 28, 2022

I started taking CBD oil about a month ago to help with insomnia. I would often wake in the middle of the night and be unable to fall back to sleep. This would leave me exhausted in the morning. The CBD has definitely helped me sleep better. Even when I wake up to visit the bathroom I am able to return to sleep most nights. So grateful to have found this! I like the CBD oil from City Hemp Rx. I tried a different brand and it had a very strong, unpleasant flavor.


October 31, 2022




My journey with CBD oil, It started with my best friend had been on a trip to Alaska and when he got back we spent the afternoon talking about his trip and I was complimenting him on all the cool pictures he was sharing on Facebook while he was gone then he was telling me about slipping on ice and falling banging himself up and how it was hurting him while he was there.  He went looking for some relief when they got back to town up there and found a store that carried CBD oils and a balm in the meanwhile he told me how amazing it is and that it helped.  I asked him if he had any with him  He went out to his truck before I could get my boots off he pulled out a dropper telling me to open up my mouth gave me some and to hold it for a few seconds. We continued to talk he gave me some balm to put on my feet after a few minutes I got a call so I walked off so he didn’t have to hear me talk on the phone while he was waiting. Got back to my porch and he asked how you feeling I didn’t realize at first cause I was still aggravated from the telemarketer that had gotten my cellphone number. Then I sat there for while talking then started moving my feet and wow that’s when it hit me this stuff really works. He had to go and the next day I called him and asked where I can get some more? He said I don’t know I haven’t ran out yet!! So I was sitting playing on my phone and friend had a post that said how her CBD oil was making a difference with her  balm! With wondering, I called her, she shared City Hemp Rx’s web site with me and I ordered some after I researched the product and how it was made and the bioavailability it had. When it finally got to my house I started taking it right then after reading the bottle. It didn’t taste bad.  After a few days, I told myself it’s time to make a change so I began to start winging myself off of ( gabapentin ) and now after three weeks today. 6/29/2022 I can say I’m over that one and now it’s time to start on the other three. With natural ways, I know it will happen. City Hemp Rx is the best oil I’ve found. I tried City Hemp Rx after trying a number of other brands. It was the only one that didn’t give a headache or a “floaty” feeling after using it. I would highly suggest the tinctures relief. They have the best prices and customer service helped me answer every question I had.


August 05, 2022


Ordered a tincture from City Hemp Rx to help with issues and it works like a charm! Cannabidiol twice a day seems so much better than over the counter or prescription meds, without the side effects.


July 17, 2022

I wanted to let everyone know that I purchased some hemp oil from City Hemp Rx and I cannot believe how I feel! Within a few hours, I could feel a major difference. When I contacted their staff, I had several questions and they did not hesitate to answer all of them. They were very informative and I greatly thank them.


July 16, 2022