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CBD for Insomnia

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Are you experiencing difficulty falling asleep at night? If you are reading this, and if your answer to this question is “yes”. Read on to find out how CBD could be the solution to your problem with insomnia.

One such condition that can be treated with CBD, is Insomnia. In the United States alone, approximately 70 million citizens suffer from insomnia, and that figure grows significantly when the rest of the world is taken into account. It has been determined that, in certain doses, CBD can effectively treat insomnia, ensuring a good night’s rest without the alarming side effects of conventional drugs that are commonly used to treat insomnia.

CBD keeps you alert in lower doses, and induces sleep in higher doses.

CBD for Insomnia: Recent Studies

According to the most recent research, Cannabidiol (CBD) may be a viable option for treating people who suffer from insomnia. Different doses of CBD was administered to groups of rats in order to compare their sleep habits, and a control group was given no CBD at all. Results were that those rats treated with CBD have shown a larger total amount of sleep time than those in the control group. CBD was found to have an overall effect of having larger amounts of total time sleeping. It was also determined that the rats were less inclined to fall asleep during the daytime, resulting in the rats getting enough sleep during the nights, inducing a normal wake/sleep pattern.

CBD for Insomnia Wakefulness at day – sleepy at night

It has been found that administering CBD to rats during the day promoted wakefulness. Rats that were deprived of sleep during the night found it easier to stay awake during the day.

And, essentially, rats that received CBD under those conditions slept normally the next night and did not seem to need extra sleep (sleep rebound) that would usually be the case after a night of poor sleep.

Note that humans also experience sleep rebound when they do not get enough sleep. These exciting results suggest that CBD may have a much more intricate role in regulating sleep. And maybe of higher significance in natural sleep-related patterns than potentially addictive conventional drugs that are usually prescribed by medical professionals for treating sleep disorders, and specifically insomnia. Note, however, that these are early findings that will need to be followed by studies with humans. New findings will be reported as soon as results are available. Trouble falling asleep at night or staying awake during the day? You may benefit from a CBD supplement, and you might find a product that will be ideal for you on our website  A good night’s rest is important for a long, active and productive day. Sleeping well is key to feeling healthy and energetic all day long.


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